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Alex Anagnostou

“I believe that as artists, we have the capacity to change the way that people experience the world; to make the invisible visible and to find mystery in reality.
My own fascination with science, human nature and how we interact within our social and physical environment are the sources of my inspiration. Scientific glass lenses, satellite imagery and technology have allowed us to see and experience the world with new eyes. I use glass to capture and communicate the underlying interconnections, structures and energies that we cannot always see.
Sculpting with glass is a little dangerous, challenging, and always exhilarating. Working with glass, a supercooled liquid frozen in time, reminds me of the restless feeling one has when travelling to a foreign land for the first time. The dual nature of this material speaks as a metaphor for human nature with all of its contradictions and layers; fragility, strength, order, chaos, sharpness, malleability, transparency, opacity and an interior visual surface. I will continue my exploration beneath the surface.


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