Mocking Bird Original Creations is the brainchild of acclaimed artist Betty Nelson-Daniel.
Mocking Birds originated from a conglomeration of fanciful trimmings collected over a span of ten years.
Each figure is designed from a variety of coloured and textured materials spontaneously placed, creating a completely unique piece each time.
To those who view them, they possess dramatic qualities, mimicking vestiges of human attitudes.

To learn more, click HERE        (below are 2018's creations)

Blue Skirt $340

Copper $360

Gold Vest $340

Organic 1 $350

Organic 2 $350

Thunderbird $600

Purple $340

Red and Black $340

Red Skirt $340

Sienna $340

Southwestern $360

White Tights $360

Steampunk 1 $360

Steampunk 2 $360

Inuit $600