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Gise Trauttmansdorff

Gise is a sculptor with a background in architecture which is evident in the exquisite technical detail that she puts into each piece. In her work she relies on manipulating space and form through composition and is interested in exploring the poetic relationship between inner and outer space through open and closed forms, and the rhythm of light and shadow. This duality is extended to the surface detail by juxtaposing textures and colours and fragility and coarseness. Gise has an appreciation for weathered, aged surfaces and subtle colour and more conceptually a desire to create a sense of memory through them.

For her works the artist carefully and slowly hand builds each form from a clay slab so that no two pieces are ever the same. The resulting effect allows each piece to reveal the history of its process and is intended to evoke a sense of discovery.

Having worked with clay for over 20 years Gise’s focus is always on pushing the material and the Raku firing method to new limits.

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