I consider myself fortunate to live in Canada, a vast country with varied landscapes and raw nature at every turn. I enjoy travelling and experiencing majestic landscapes. Though I’ve visited many places, it is the Canadian landscape that continues to inspire me the most.

My style combines traditional realism with elements of abstraction. I have researched and experimented with combinations of various groupings of design elements (form, space, colour...), techniques and a variety of mediums to systematically explore new approaches and hone my ability to isolate and express the fundamental essence of my subject. These experiences have resulted in my using colour and texture as the dominant design elements in my approach to painting. I work methodically and thoroughly enjoy the feel of pencil and pastel on fine paper, the feel of brush bristles and palette knives, choosing colour palettes and which brands of paint to use—the entire creative experience from concept to design to the finished piece.

I am inspired by the qualities of light, and I strive to convey the feel of water and skies in my landscapes.