My work is about the poetry and drama of the sky at night.

Stars are born and die. Moons never cede from their planets, the earth is called "mother" and the suns are classed as "dwarfs" or "giants". The night sky can be seen as a backdrop for human emotion, and therefore is a fascinating metaphor, with stars, planets moons and other celestial entities mirroring human behavior.
I draw largely on location and I use a telescope to observe stars, the moon or celestial events which become the subjects of my composition. As astronomers assign acronyms and numbers to newly discovered stars and planets and other celestial bodies so that they may be easily identified, I use a similar system to catalogue my drawings, including in some cases, a mnemonic name for each one.

The night sky poses many challenges to human understanding and our place in the universe. Through my drawings, I hope to express the unanswered questions reflected in the night sky.

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Many Stars on August 11

Mountain with Many Stars and Rising Moon

Star Birth 2

Star Cluster 1


Six Fir Trees                    Many Joyful Stars