Jeff Willmore’s contemporary ‘takes’ on the traditions of landscape incorporate an amazing colour sense, juicy paint, personal penciled notes and reflections on painting as both a window to view the world as well as a concrete three-dimensional ‘thing’ or object in and of itself, created with the human touch. He pays attention to particular views, locations and weather conditions experienced in the near north.

This postmodern approach is reinforced with text, as when Jeff writes notes about the very process of painting as well as what catches his attention and perhaps even the time of day and place or subject matter or place he is painting. His work is a kind of portrait of his relationship with the land, with nature. Shapes, lines and intense colour are coupled with such energy that Jeff Willmore energizes us too with his infectious enthusiastic love of painting.

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Blue Mountain
oil on panel, 7x7, $695

Grey Stand
oil on panel, 7x7, $695

Spring Evening
oil on panel, 8.5x8.5, $725

Spring Water
oil on panel, 8.5x8.5, $725

Yellow Sky
oil on panel, 6x6, $625

Cliff Top
oil on panel, 14x7, $850