Jack Winn, twice first place winner in the Sarnia-Lambton Gallerie’s prestigious Look Exhibition,has been painting and sculpting for 30 years.  The millennium sculpture located in the Grand Bend River Road parkette is Jack’s work.

Gallery Stratford has exhibited his work for 3 years, including his Dark Matter exhibition of 33 large works in 2015. Jack also exhibits at Circle Arts in Tobermory, Fringe Gallery in London, Kryart Studios in Toronto, and Davis Canadian Arts in Stratford.  His work is also on exhibition in Mexico and Belize.

Jack was a professor of music at the University of Western Ontario for 16 years, has played frequently with the Toronto symphony, and sat as principal bass in Orchestra London and the  Hamilton, Kitchener, Edmonton, Clarion, and Windsor Symphonies. Now living in Stratford, he is currently the principal double bass player for the Stratford Symphony.

“Given Winn’s background in music, the cascade of textures and colours [in his work] are almost symphonic – bubbling and exploding in crashing volume.”
London Gazette

“Winn really knows what he is doing with a paintbrush.”
Juxtapoz Magazine

 “Influenced by Tom Thomson, as well as the post-impressionists, Winn, though not slavishly so, looks particularly to his Canadian predecessors for inspiration…but it is his own personal relationship with the Canadian landscape, and his interpretation of the beauty and clarity of the land, that defines and characterizes his work.”
Scene Magazine

Jack states, “I call my work Structural Impressionism.  It is an abstraction of reality.  The freedom of abstract painting has opened the door for me to paint anything that I can imagine.  Close-up of a galaxy, someone’s UFO experience, inter-dimensional windows, the revolving crystal at the centre of the planet: no problem; a board and some paint and voila, there it is.  I want the viewer to instantly engage emotionally with my work, then go on a quest of discovery about my subjects.  Time, the cosmos, infinity, and particle physics are areas of human exploration that excite me greatly.”

Jacks’s Stratford studio may be visited by appointment.

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Black Hole with Soft Hair 3

Dark Hole with Soft Hair 6