Janusz Wrobel spent his early years immersed in academic studies in photography while involved in many art exhibitions in Poland and abroad. For two decades after coming to Canada in 1982, Janusz channeled his creativity into developing two successful companies in the fields of commercial studio photography and image processing. Since moving to Dundas, Ontario in 2005, he has dedicated himself entirely to fine art photography. He uses this medium to document his changing ideas and interpretation of processes as he revisits subjects over an extended period of time. His art takes the form of on-going, continuously evolving exhibitions shown in numerous public and private art galleries.

Janusz is particularly intrigued by how the human mind applies its own timeframe to processes that evolve in very different time-space frameworks. He directs specific attention to several ecosystems in Ontario, striving to know them intimately. His prime interests are the interactions between the physical and biological worlds which create conditions that sustain life in different environments at different scales. Diverse areas of the vast Canadian Shield serve as his Petri dish for unobstructed observations of processes unfolding on its surface.

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