July 2017 - Tobermory Artist ( now showing at Circle Arts) Sylvia Elliot opens an exhibition at the Durham Art Gallery on July 22.

NEW - "Pow Wow Emanations": dynamic watercolours by Big Bay/London painter Roly Fenwick published with an essay by Patricia Deadman available now at Circle Arts, $10.00. "The dancer and singers at the powwow dance inside the circle while spectators remain on the outside. We are all welcome to join intertribal dances. Roly will continue to paint the landscape but he will be dancing inside."

This year we are pleased to introduce:

Multi media artist Sylvia Elliott - whose most recent project - The Lake Huron Series is inspired by the continuous play of light and colour between the sky and the water.

Andrea Currie - who, with classical pen and ink techniques, depicts trees as a skin for the voice which creates her story.

Zsuzsa Monostory - a self taught, fulltime ceramic artist since 1997.
Her inspiration comes from architecture, nature, and all things living.

After several years establishing 'Infinite Glassworks' we welcome back glassblower and lampworker Kate Civiero. Uniting design and function, she combines vibrant colours and fluid shapes in her signature handblown glassware and jewellery.

And, special mention to Betty Nelson-Daniel, who returns with her internationally collected Mockingbirds, but this year, with some special edition "Steampunk" birds and a "one off" Linda Evangelista/ Karl Lagerfeld inspired model. Collectors take note! They won't last long!